Walt Disney World Autograph Book With Mickey Mouse and Friends

This autograph book with Mickey Mouse and his friends on the cover is the one my daughters used for one of our trips to Disney World.

It has a hundred blank pages and an elastic loop to hold a pen. (A pen is not included — I highly recommend that you get a thick pen, like a Sharpie, because it’s easier for most of the character to hold.) This is a book that would be equally nice for boys or girls.

I remember when we took our first to Disney and wondered if an autograph album was something that was necessary.

Well, it isn’t. But it is really nice, and I’m glad we bought them. Having the characters sign their autograph sort of “buys time” with them and gives a reason to interact more than just taking a photo and leaving. It’s nice for kids, especially, to flip through the pages during the trip and tally up how many character they met. And, of course, it’s nice to put the corresponding photo with the autograph.

Making your own autograph book is a really common option, and I’ve seen some awfully cute ones at the park. We’ve never gone that route ourselves, because a) I’m not good at that kind of stuff; and b) I figured that a store-bought album would look better (and possibly be more durable) than anything I could make.

However, if you’re more adventurous and more handy than I am, there are tons of ideas out there, or you could just come up with your own. Here are two videos for making ¬†albums that I thought looked pretty nice.


Mickey And Minnie DIY Disney Autograph Book


Colorful Disney Parks DIY Autograph Book

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