Disney World Playset Gift for Kids Who Love Mickey Mouse

This “Trip to Disney World with Mickey Mouse” playset is the cutest thing!

It comes with both a Mickey Mouse figure and a Little People boy figure named “Eddie,” who is donning both a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and Mickey ears. Together they can visit this mini play-version of Disney, riding Dumbo the Elephant, the teacups, and It’s a Small World. There’s a little area to represent a cafe and a “Casey, Jr” train that goes down the ramp. There’s even a simulated fireworks show with music!

I believe there’s enough space in the playset for five characters to ride at the same time, so if you want, you can buy more of your favorite Disney characters to go it. For example, here is a pack with Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse:

Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse playset figures

Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse figures


My daughters were two and four the first time we all went to Disney World. The weeks before we went, they would “act out” going to Disney, complete with riding in the car (couch) to get there, hugging imaginary characters when they arrived, and riding down the slide in our backyard which was supposed to be Splash Mountain. I’m sure they would have loved this set. It would be perfect for kids who are planning a trip to Disney or who have recently been there.

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