The ONE Item You Need for Your Disney World Trip … that you might not have heard of!

Thing you need for your Disney World Trip


There are all kinds of lists of things you should pack for your Disney trip — things like ponchos, autograph books, sunscreen, pennies for pressing, and snacks are often on the list.

But there is one item we recently discovered that may be a little less-known, and that is the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad.


Frogg Togg Chilly Pad for Disney World trip

Chilly Pad — Keep you cool at the Disney parks!

What is the Chilly Pad? Well, basically it’s a sponge made of┬ápolyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that you thoroughly wet, then wring out. It stays dry to the touch, but as it evaporates, somehow remains cold.

These were great to wear while walking around the parks, and we went in late September, so I would think they’d be a godsend in July. I often wear sundresses at Disney, so it was great to wrap around my shoulders and back like a shawl. Not only did it keep me cool, but it gave me some extra sun protection.

You can cut these in half, but I would recommend not doing that, and instead either getting one per person if you can, or trading off.

Now that we have these, I can think of all kinds of uses in addition to Disney trips. I wish I’d had them a couple summers ago when I used to sit and sweat during the kids’ swim meets. Going to the zoo, a ball game, hiking, even just sitting on the porch reading a book when it’s warm out — the Chilly Pad would come in handy for a lot of things.

The pad is machine washable. I see some complaints about mold and mildew forming, but we have not experienced. We would wash it and hang it to dry completely before storing it.

So if you’re heading to Disney World during the summer, or just really hate the heat, consider giving one of these a try!


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