Olaf Sticker Book with Anna and Elsa from Frozen

This sticker book with Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and the other character from Frozen would have been a big hit in our house when our girls were younger.

It contains over sixty color stickers and pages with “spaces” where each sticker goes in a specific spot. (See the sample pages below.)

I always personally liked this type of sticker book over the onces where you just randomly slap stickers onto a scene. They seem to have more of a point, and it’s like solving a puzzle. Another nice thing about this kind of book is that once you’ve used all the stickers, you aren’t done — you can still enjoy reading the contents of the books together over and over.

When my girls were about ages 3-6, they were absolutely crazy about stickers, and I spent many hours doing sticker books with them and reading books like these to them once all the stickers were put in. Seeing this book brings back a lot of good memories for me.


Stickers from Frozen Sticker Book

Sticker Pages


Pages to put Frozen stickers on

Pages to put the stickers on

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