Pink Stuffed Musical Minnie Mouse Doll for Girls Who Love Disney

This stuffed Minnie Mouse doll with a pink dress and bow is a great toy for musical little girls who love Disney.

At twelve inches, Minnie is about the size of an average baby doll. Her eyes on embroidered on, so she’s not a choking hazard for little ones.

She sings the “Hot Dog Song” (in her own voice) from the closing of the TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (See the video below to hear the song.) She also giggles when you squeeze her.

This would be a great gift for toddler/preschool age girls who love Minnie Mouse, especially if they’d like to sing and dance along with Minnie. And of course, Minnie would make a great companion for watching episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.





“The Hot Dog Song” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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