Racing Car Building Set Toy Gift for Boys who Love Pixar’s Lightning McQueen

This racing car set allows boys to build a fueling station for Lightning McQueen and Mater.

There are 29 total pieces in this toy. Lightning and Mater each have a black bottom with the tires that you snap on, and Mater also has a tow hook. (Unlike some other Mater toys, you can actually use his tow for Lightning McQueen and other Duplo cars.) The three numbered bricks at the top of the starting gate can help little ones with number recognition and simple counting skills. It includes a wrench, Piston Cup, and fuel pump.

My son was crazy about Cars, especially Mater, when he was about three and four. The one thing hesitation I have about this toy is that it seems more like an add-on than a stand-alone — meaning that there isn’t a whole lot to do with the set itself, and it would have a lot more value for someone who already has someĀ Duplo blocks to build with.

Also, I’ve found that it was a lot easier and allowed for more possibilities when kids had this green Lego Duplo board to build onto:

Lego Duplo green building board plate

Lego Building Plate Sold Separately



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