Princess Puzzles for Girls


A princess puzzle can be a great activity for a little girl. Puzzles help increase visual spacial awareness and develop problem solving skills and fine motor skills. They make a nice quiet “alone time” activity or are fun to work on with a friend, sibling, or parent.

I found these six different princess puzzles in a wide variety of styles and for a variety of ages. Which one is your favorite?


Disney Princess Floor Puzzle for Girls


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If your little princess loves Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella, this floor puzzle might be perfect for them. It has 46 large pieces, making it ideal for preschool age. When my kids were little, they loved sitting on the kitchen floor with me doing large puzzles like this, and they loved to do the same puzzles again and again over a period of about two years.

The image on this particular puzzle is enlarged and has a somewhat fuzzy, pixelated look to it. I doubt most three year old girls would be concerned about that, but it’s worth noting, as that might be a turn-off for some people.

Princess Fairy Tale Floor Puzzle for Girls


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Melissa and Doug are well-known for making quality, durable toys. This beautiful floor puzzle has 48 thick, sturdy pieces and creates a beautifully-colored image of a woodland princess scene, complete with castle, waterfall, unicorn, and rainbow.


Girl’s Wooden Jigsaw Princess Puzzle


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Another Melissa and Doug puzzle, this one is 24 pieces and has a wooden backing, making it easier to transport and do on tables. This is another “woodland princess” image, featuring a princess out in the forest with her deer, bird, and other forest friends. Note that since this puzzle doesn’t come with a box and the final picture is not drawn on the wooden tray, a child cannot see what the finished image is supposed to look like while they’re working on it, which could possibly be frustrating for some younger children.


Disney Princess Wooden Cube Puzzle


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Somehow I missed the concept of cube puzzles when my girls were little, but it looks like a very clever idea! Instead of using flat puzzle pieces, each piece is a cube with a different puzzle on each side, making six different images you can create with a single puzzle. Each image features a different Disney princess, including Snow White, Belle, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). The one pictured above, with Ariel and Flounder, definitely would have been my oldest daughter’s favorite when she was five!


Disney Cinderella Jigsaw Puzzle for Girls


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This 100-piece jigsaw puzzle of Cinderella and her fairy godmother is intended for slightly older girls, of about ages 6-10. I remember doing Ravensburger puzzles with my kid when they were young and always found them to be high quality with attractive, detailed images.


Disney 3D Cinderella Puzzle for Girls


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