Princess Potty Books for Girls


Books are a great way to help little girls learn how to use the potty, and these princess themed books would all be a big hit. They are interesting enough to be read together and have pretty illustrations that girls would love. In fact, they make the potty training books that I read to my kids look pretty boring in comparison!

These books would make people who dislike gender stereotypes cringe — but if you know a little girl who loves princesses and/or the color pink, I probably don’t have to tell you how much she would love them.


Princess Potty book for girls


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In the book Princess Potty, toddler girls learn about how “even princesses use the potty.”

It’s in paperback, but the pages are made of a glossy cardstock, so it’s fairly sturdy. It comes with a punch-out crown for the child to wear, and reward jewel stickers that she can put on the crown.

The whole concept is pretty clever as well as colorful. For example, the princess announces “Hear ye, Hear ye, I have to pee pee!” What toddler wouldn’t find that funny? She also says “Farewell!” when she flushes the potty, and bluebirds bring her pink toilet tissue.


Princess Potty Time book for girls


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The book Princess Potty Time was written and illustrated by a former Disney animator and comes in both board book and hardcover. It’s a very interactive book with several flaps and pull-tabs for things like rolling the toilet paper and lowering underwear. This is great if you have a really tactile little girl, but keep in mind that several reviewers said that either a) some of the tabs were hard for little ones to work; or b) the tabs started to wear after repeated uses. Since potty training is (thankfully) a subject that lasts a limited amount of time, it may be worth it to use this book, even it also lasts for a limited amount of time.


Even Princesses Go to the Potty


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Even Princesses Go To The Potty is another interactive potty-training book that involves lifting flaps.

Each page has a different scenario featuring a different female “career character,” but the character herself is either missing or leaving. For example, it is story time at the library, but wait, where is the librarian going? Just turn a small flap top see her sitting on the potty.

Since the entire simply follows this same format for different characters (such as a doll doctor, captain, or dog trainer), the book is very repetitive. This is a great thing for little girls, but may be less of a great thing for the adult that has to read the book over and over.


Princess of the Potty book for girls


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