Princess Palace Puffy Sticker Scenes Playset

This princess palace puffy sticker scenes playset is a creative toy that helps build eye-hand coordination for little girls.

It contains four palace scenes and 67 mix-and-match stickers of ball gowns, scepters, shoes, crowns, and jewelry. It even comes with a handle at the top to make it easy to carry.

Keep in mind that 67 pieces, many of them containing tiny shoes and crowns, might you drive you, the adult, batty. To make them less likely to get lost, it would be a good idea to always store them in a zippered makeup bag or a labeled ziplock bag.

The stickers are reusable, although they do start to lose their stickiness after a few times.

I like toys like this because not only do girls like them, but they’re good for “quiet time,” a car ride, or while waiting at a restaurant. In our experience, dress-up stickers always made a good “play with Grandma” game as well.


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