Princess Gown Fashion Plate Kit with Rubbing Crayon and Colored Pencils

This fashion plate kit lets girls create different princess gowns that they can color in.

It comes with nine textured plates, one “rubbing crayon,” and four colored pencils. You arrange the plates to create the outfit you want, put a paper over the image, and then rub the paper with a sideways crayon to imprint the image on the paper. After you have the image, you an leave it as is or color it any way you like.

All the pieces fit inside the case, making it both portable and easy to keep organized. Unfortunately, paper is not included, so you either have to cut several sheets of printer paper in half or purchase a notepad to go with it. (I think this one might work.)

We had a toy very similar to this when my girls were little. My younger daughter, who has always been into both fashion and art, particularly enjoyed it. One of the nice things about this toy is that mixing and matching the different plates gives you almost an endless amount of combinations you can create.

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