Princess and Castle Bath Squirter Toys With Mesh Storage Bag

This set of bath squirter toy with princess and castle has a mesh bag to make storage easier.

It contains a total of three squirters and 47 building pieces for assembling and decorating a tree, castle, and carriage. The bag that it comes with has suction cup for hanging on the tub wall, which is a nice plus for keeping things neat and organized.

Bath time was always a big deal when my girls are little. They would usually take their baths together and would have a great time decorating the walls with shaving cream or pretending they were at the hair stylist getting ready for a wedding. Bath time also made for a great bedtime ritual and a way of calming kids down after a long day.

The pieces in this set make it easy to act out The Princess and the Frog fairy tale or act out new stories of your own. I’m sure that if my girls had had this toy they would have found all kinds of creative ways to play with it.

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