Princess Castle Playset with Pony and Dragon Gift for Girls

This castle playset comes with both a princess pony and a dragon figure.

It has three stories with a removable staircase attached in the middle. It also has an elevator chair that the princess pony’s hoof attaches it and goes up and down one floor.

There are over forty accessories, and some of them are quite tiny; for example, teapot and teacups with a tray to set them on, and a little cake, plus lots of furniture. So if lots of tiny pieces give you the heebie-jeebies, consider yourself warned!

Amazon reviewer Talvi explains another nice plus about this toy:

There are symbols all over the castle (on most walls and on Celestia) that can be scanned in with a device like an IPAD to make things happen in the app. E.g., you load up the app, scan Celestia’s symbol, and she will appear as a party guest at Fluttershy’s party. Scan in symbols in the castle and various things will open up or become usable in the app as a result.

Princess Castle with pony and dragon

My girls went through a big My Little Pony phase when the two of them were about three and five. In fact, this Butterfly Island set is one of the few toys stored in our attic because it brings back so many memories.

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