Pink Princess Potty Chair That Plays Music

This pink princess themed potty chair for girls plays music!

When liquid hits the two sensors in the bowl, it plays music, which I think is pretty funny, but also pretty darn clever. Thankfully, there is no cutesy singing — just a little “royal sounding” fake trumpet music.

Apparently the bowl needs to be cleaned out really well after each use. Otherwise, the sensor could be randomly activated, and trumpet songs suddenly playing in the middle of night could be somewhat unnerving. 🙂

The white seat fits on a regular toilet nicely, although it would not work well with padded toilet seats. When you lower the lid, it becomes a stool for washing wash hands at the sink. Unlike some other models, you don’t need to flip it over to use it as a stool.

Pink and White Musical Stepstool potty for training toddlers

The seat is wider than, say, the Bjorn potties or IKEA potties, and provide nice support for bottoms and little legs.

If you’re looking to have the full “Princess Potty Experience,” consider also getting one or more of these princess potty books for girls that I reviewed in a separate post.

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