Pink Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Jet Airplane Toy

Who knew — Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck have their own pink jet airplane!

In addition to Minnie and Daisy, this airplane toy contains eight play pieces, including a food cart, luggage, and a fold-down vanity mirror. In addition to the regular cabin, there is a salon up on the second floor. The front of the plane, of course, is decorated with Minnie’s “signature bow.”

I have to say I’m a bit surprised and impressed to see two “old-fashioned” female characters doing something as independent and competent as flying an airplane and traveling around the globe. What’s neat about this toy is that not only can little girls act out scenes on the airplane itself, but they can take their adventures anywhere they went, depending on where Minnie and Daisy happen to be flying that day.


I was curious if there were any other airplane toys with Minnie Mouse, and I found ….

Pink Minnie Mouse Remote Control Airplane Toy


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This time Minnie’s flying friend isn’t Daisy Duck, but rather her kitty Figaro. This plane doesn’t actually fly, but you can use the remote to move it forward and backward, and there is also a button to make it spin. It requires three AA and two AAA batteries, which are not included.

The age recommendation says four and up, but I would think this airplane would be fine for girls who are two or three. It would be a perfect toy for a little girl who is fascinated with her older brother’s remote control vehicles and would be delighted to have one just for her.

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