Pink and Purple Plastic Dollhouse with Staircase Gift for Girls Who Love Minnie Mouse

This pink and purple Minnie Mouse plastic dollhouse for girls includes a curving staircase on its side.

It requires three AA batteries for sounds (for example, the doorbell rings) and lights (a disco ball hangs from the ceiling). No tools are needed for assembly, and (thankfully, if you’re like me) assembling it only takes a few minutes.

The house is four stories high, has a curved staircase, and several pieces of furniture, including tables and chairs, a vanity, stove, refrigerator, bathtub — and even a laptop! Of course there is also Minnie herself, plus Figaro the cat.

The house is sized so that either Polly Pockets dolls or Fisher Price Little People would fit perfectly. In addition, if you really wanted Minnie to have some of her Disney friends to come over and visit, you can separately purchase this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pals Set. (see below)

My younger daughter, who is now thirteen, would have loved this toy when she was a toddler and preschooler. She loved dollhouses and still does love Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pals

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pals


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