Mrs. Potts and Chip Plastic Toy Tea Sets



Little girls who are fans of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast¬†would love having tea parties with these Mrs. Potts and Chip toy tea sets.


When my two girls were little, they loved to not only have tea parties at their Grandma’s house (somehow “tea parties” tend to be a good Grandma activity) as well as having many parties of all kinds with their various stuffed animals. I think they would have adored any of these three tea sets.



Mrs Potts and Chip Tea Set with Sound
Mrs. Potts and Chip Tea Set with Sound

This is an authentic Disney theme park toy tea set, so it makes a nice collector’s item. It contains a yellow tea tray, teacups and saucers, a creamer, a sugar canister, and a spoon. If you push a button on the top of Mrs. Potts, it makes the sound of liquid being poured. Batteries are included.


Beauty and the Beast Tea Party Cart Toy
Beauty and the Beast Tea Party Cart

What a cute idea! This pretty pink and yellow cart features a top that spins while playing the song “Be Our Guest.” It includes not only tea party service for two, but also an invitation. When my girls were little, they always loved toys they could push, like shopping carts and doll strollers, so I could see this being a big hit for Beauty and the Beast fans.


Beauty and the Beast Singing Tea Set
Beauty and the Beast Singing Tea Set

You can pour liquids into the two “Chip” cups, but before that you don’t pour any into Mrs. Potts — she (as well as Lumiere) is electronic, and she talks and sings!
One other thing that makes this tea set stand out is that it comes with two golden tea spoons and two “Be Our Guest” name place cards. Perfect for hosting tea for two!


Live Action Beauty and the Beast Tea Party Set
Live Action Beauty and the Beast Tea Party Set

This beautiful plastic tea set has a different look and feel than the others. Instead of featuring the “Disney cartoon” versions of Mrs. Potts and Chip, this is the version from the newer live-action version of Beauty and the Beast.

This set has two particularly nice touches:
1) Mrs. Potts’ eyes close when you pour her;
2) Chip wobbles a little on his saucer to give him a more playful, “alive” look.

Beauty and the Beast Play Doh Tea Set
Beauty and the Beast Play Doh Tea Set

This is a clever way to became two kid favorites — tea parties and Play Doh!

It comes with a cutter, roller, three different colors of Play Doh (plus a tub of “Play Doh Plus,” which is supposed to be a softer, fluffier version), Mrs. Potts, Chip, 7 cookie cutters, 3 doilies, and 2 plates.

Mrs. Potts’ lid is actually a Play Doh press. You put the Play Doh inside her, press the lid down, and the Play Doh “pours” out her spout! Meanwhile, Chip has a rose press indentation on him that you can use to decorate the cookies.

I loved Play Doh sets when my kids were little. Kids can be creative with them and stay occupied for a long time. Just make sure your kids don’t play with it around carpet! I learned that the hard way when I was in the next room and my then one-year-old took a wad of pink Play Doh and pressed it firmly into her bedroom carpet.


Belle Meets Mrs. Potts and Chip

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