Minnie Mouse Feeding Sets for Baby Girls

minnie mouse feeding sets for baby girls

These four different Minnie Mouse feeding set can make mealtime and snack time extra special for baby and toddler girls.

4-Piece Baby Minnie Mouse Feeding Set


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This four piece set include a pink and white bowl, plate, and two utensils. They are BPA-free, sturdy, and dishwasher and microwave safe. The plate has two “Minnie Mouse ears” compartments, which make a great place to put something like sauces, ketchup, or pancake syrup. They also would work well to add a little cheese, fruit, or veggies to the main meal.

The fork and spoon have rounded edges and are just the right size for toddlers who are learning how to feed themselves.

This set could be a helpful way to get a child to “clean their plate” or eat foods that they’re normally more reluctant to eat. Some little ones really get a kick out of “discovering” pictures of their favorite characters at the bottom of their bowl after eating.


Minnie Mouse Fork and Spoon Set for Baby


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Minnie Mouse Baby Bottle Feeding Set


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Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Feeding Set


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