Minnie Mouse Cookie Jars

Old Fashioned Minnie Mouse Cookie Jar


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This cookie jar shows Minnie in her early days in 1929, back when she wore a sort a flower pot hat and before she started wearing a polka dot bow and dress.


Minnie Mouse in 1929


 Cookie Jar with Minnie Mouse Hugging Mickey


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This large cookie jar with Mickey and Minnie Mouse wearing their traditional red and white would be a great gift for couples who love Disney.

It’s a very romantic themed kitchen accessories, with the two famous mice happily hugging each other. I could not find the exact dimensions of the jar, but one Amazon reviewer described it “big enough to hold one container of Oreos.”

Like this pair of magnetic salt and pepper shakers, this would make a nice wedding, anniversary, or housewarming gift for a couple. If you like to bake, you could make this an extra-special gift by filling the jar with homemade cookies!




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