Minnie Mouse and Pet Pony Playset Gift for Girls Who Love Disney

Minnie Mouse has her own stable and a pet pony in this cute playset.

This toy requires no batteries and makes no noise. (I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that’s good or bad.)

Minnie is about five and a half inches tall, so she’s too big to really be a choking hazard. The pony has a curly, blue mane that you can brush, and it can even gallop and jump over a hurdle when you press a button. There are two different dresses you can snap onto Minnie, in addition to a few bows that either Minnie or her pony can wear.

I’m not sure why, but it seems like almost every little girl goes through a stage where they love ponies. And I know that my two daughters (especially one in particular) really liked to dress up dolls and stuffed animals when they were little. These two things, combined with Minnie Mouse herself, could make this toy a triple-winner for the right girl.

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