Large Pink and Purple Floor Puzzle Gift for Little Girls Who Love Minnie Mouse

This large pink and purple floor puzzle is perfect for little girls who love Minnie Mouse and her friend Daisy Duck.

It comes in 46 large pieces and is made of thick cardboard, so the pieces don’t bend. The colors are bright and varied enough that it’s very do-able for small children.

When my daughter was almost two years old, we bought a big floor puzzle with a barn theme. We sat on the kitchen floor and did it together again and again over the years. When my son came along, he wanted to do it over and over again as well. In fact, years later he has insisted that we keep it, just because he has such fond memories of it.

It’s worth noting that, although this puzzle says it’s for ages three and up, I don’t see any reason why a two year old couldn’t do it, especially if they had a little adult help.


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