Girls’ Ariel Costume from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

Girls will love dressing up as The Little Mermaid in this green and purple Ariel costume.

The colors look more like Ariel that the photo suggests. The green is darker and not quite so bright.

An Amazon reviewer named “Amazon Addict” described it thoroughly in her review:

“The sleeves poof out, the cloth around the tummy looks like satin, and the cloth that makes up the skirt is velvety. The tulle used for the sleeves and tail are a bit scratchy but it is stiff and has glitter to it. Silver ribbon is sewn at the hem of the tail. There is a slight (very very slight) support for the tail on the bottom so it poofs out slightly.”

When my oldest daughter was five and six, she was completely enamored with Ariel and wanted to be a mermaid. She only had makeshift costumes (for example, she would tie a green blanket around her waist), but I’m sure that if someone had bought her this costume she would have loved it.

If fact (and I didn’t even plan to do this when I originally started writing this post) … thinking back to how much my daughter wanted to be Ariel made me want to search for more Ariel costumes and accessories. Not surprisingly, I found quite a few:


¬†Ariel “Little Mermaid” Costume Shoes

Ariel Little Mermaid Disney Princess Slippers for little girls

Disney Princess Ariel Shoes

I know these blue shoes don’t exactly match the green and purple in the mermaid costume above, but they did get better reviews and looked a little less flimsy than these green Ariel shoes. They include a gold Disney Princess cameo on each slipper, two-tone fabric bows, and glitter embellishments.


Ariel Purse and Gloves Costume Accessories

Disney Princess Ariel Little Mermaid Purse and Gloves Dress up

Ariel Deluxe Purse and Gloves

If your little girl likes to be super-stylish when she dresses up, she might enjoy this Ariel purse and gloves set. It comes with gold sequin trim and the same gold Disney Princess cameo as the slippers.


Ariel “Little Mermaid” Tiara and Jewelry Set

Ariel Disney tiara and jewelry set with light and sound

Ariel Tiara and Jewelry Set


Oooh, this looks like fun! Most little girls love tiaras — and this one lights up! It also includes a pearl necklace with a shell pendant that “sings” with Ariel’s voice when you press a button. It also comes with two bracelets and a ring. My girls would have¬†gone crazy for this one!


Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

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