Finger Puppets Set with Princess, Knight, Dragon, Unicorn, Frog Prince, and Wizard

This finger puppet set with six characters including a princess, dragon, and knight, are a great toy for both boys and girls.

There are 24 puppets in the set, each measuring two inches tall. More like the texture of a rubber eraser than hard plastic.

Like this cardboard castle playset, this is more of a “medieval princess toy” rather than a “girlie princess toy.” I could picture them working for all kinds of things — party favors, cake toppers, or even a substitute for candy to pass out at Halloween.

An Amazon reviewer named L. Rodgers does something that I absolutely love and may even do myself. She takes a set with her when she travels and gives one out whenever she sees a young child who is sad, bored, or has a visibly frazzled parent. (Note: If do choose to do this, make sure you don’t give them to kids younger than three, because they could be a choking hazard.

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