Elsa’s Ice Castle Playset Gift for Girls who Love Disney’s “Frozen”

This Elsa ice castle playset isn’t small, and it isn’t cheap, but it would probably send any girl who’s crazy about “Frozen” into a euphoric state of bliss.

Basically, this is castle that lets you re-enact the scene where Elsa sings “Let it Go” in the movie. For example, when the floor is tapped, it lights up, and the stairs can change to snow and ice.

The castle is designed to be used with dolls (which, unfortunately, are sold separately, but you could also use Barbie dolls). There is a spinning platform on the bottom that you attach to the doll to, and as she twirls around, the castle “grows” as if Elsa is building it.

In addition, there are side steps that turn into an “ice slide” when touched, an Elsa portrait that turns around into a mirror, and a drop-down icicle chandelier. It also includes a day bed and vanity, along with a few other small accessories (so be careful if there are little siblings who might put things in their mouth.

The castle does require adult assembly that takes about 20-30 minutes.

I could totally see little girls being in heaven with this toy. They could sing the song while acting it out, play with it while watching the movie, or create their own little stories.

It’s a shame that this castle doesn’t come with the dolls, but you can get either Anna or Elsa for less than ten dollars each:

Elsa princess doll from Frozen

Elsa Princess Doll


Anna princess doll from Frozen

Anna Princess Doll

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