Disney Princess Magnetic Dress-Up Doll Set

Disney Princess Magnetic Dress-Up Doll Sets

I found these six different Disney princess magnetic doll dress-up sets for little girls.

Unless otherwise noted, these sets were all made by Melissa and Doug. We were always big fans of Melissa and Doug toys when our kids were younger. They are well-made, come in nice packaging, and offer a lot of “play value.” My younger daughter always particularly liked dolls, and I remember her and my mother sitting on the floor together having a great time playing with magnetic dress-up doll sets that were very similar to these. Dress-up dolls (and tea parties) just seem like the perfect activity “Grandma activity” — or at least they were in my family.

The age suggestion for these magnetic doll sets is three and up. Do note that they all contain several small pieces, which could not only present a choking hazard for toddlers, but could drive you crazy and get lost quickly if you’re not careful.


Rapunzel and Snow White Disney Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls

Rapunzel and Snow White Disney Magnetic Dress-up Dolls

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This set, which includes two Disney princesses, Rapunzel and Snow White, would be ideal for a household like mine in which they are two girls who can play together. It includes two wooden stands and over forty magnetic dresses, bows, crowns, and other pieces. All the parts are in a purple wooden box with different compartments.


Ariel Disney Princess Magnetic Dress-Up Set

Ariel and Flounder Magnetic Doll Set

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My oldest daughter was crazy about Ariel when she was five and six. I remember my girls playing at the park together, with my oldest pretending that she was Ariel and her younger sister pretending to be Flounder. (They often asked me to join in and play the part of Ursuala, which I actually thought I did pretty well.) She would also make her own Ariel costume by wrapping one of our green blankets around her waist and (if we remember correctly) somehow connecting orange peels together to act as Ariel’s purple seashells.

She would have loved this 30-piece dress-up set that comes in a pretty aqua-colored box and contains not only a crown, dresses, and bows, but also friends Sebastian and Flounder.


Cinderella Magnetic Disney Princess Dress-Up Set

Cinderella Magnetic dress up set

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With this set, girls can pretend to be the Fairy Godmother getting Cinderella dressed up for the ball. It inclues Jaq and Gus, of course, who are my two favorite characters from the Disney movie.

If your little girl is particularly crazy about both Cinderella and dolls, you can check out this video for making a paper doll version:

How to Make a Disney Princess Cinderella Paper Doll


Belle Magnetic Disney Princess Dress-Up Doll


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Belle is probably the Disney princess I identify with the most, because my hair is a little like hers and I have always loved to read. This set includes a basket with a book and, of course, the infamous rose.


Disney Princess Sophia Magnetic Dress-Up Doll

Disney Princess Sophia Magnetic dress up doll set

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My daughters were ages nine and eleven when Sophia the First came out, so I had to look up exactly who she was. Apparently it’s a TV show where Sophia become a princess when her mother marries a king.This set has 35 pieces including her pet rabbit Clover (who gets his own wooden stand) and squirrel friend Whatnaught.

This set is a little different than the others because it is made by Bendon Disney, not Melissa and Doug, and it also includes a wooden playhouse castle with three different rooms.


Princess Elsa Magnetic Dress-Up Doll

Princess Elsa Magnetic Dress-Up Doll

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In 2013 Disney came out with a little movie called Frozen, and from what I understand, it was very popular with girls of all ages. This Elsa dress-up set is also from Bendon Disney and did get an overall rating quite as high as the Melissa and Doug sets. The biggest complaints were that 1)The pieces were less sticky than people had hoped; and 2) a lot of the pieces were things like flowers and Olaf that aren’t really dress-up pieces and don’t have any particular place to be stuck to. I’m sure most any Frozen fan would be happy with it regardless, though . There is also a similar set for Anna.

Disney Princess Anna Magnetic Doll Dress-Up

There is an Anna doll set as well!


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