Disney Princess Bedroom Wall Decals Gift for Girls

There are a lot of creative ways that a girl could decorate her bedroom with these Disney princess wall decals.

They are easy to use — just  peel-and-stick (but do it carefully so they don’t tear). They can be repositioned pretty easily without leaving a sticky residue, so you can re-use if you move to a new house or if you need to paint a wall.  It includes 37 decals and 42 gems that could be used to decorate the princess’s gowns. You can also use these to decorate bed frames, doors, and dressers.

I don’t think we ever had wall decals when my girls were little, but they both loved stickers. They almost didn’t even care what they were pictures of; they would just sit happily and peel and slap stickers endlessly. Something like this would have been heaven for them — not only the fun of decorating with stickers, but decorating their bedroom — with princesses, no less!


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