Plastic Princess Castle and Ballroom Toy with Dancing Cinderella Doll

This plastic castle toy for girls comes with a Cinderella doll that dances on the ballroom.

The playset includes Cinderella and Gus the mouse. You can separately purchase other “Glitter Glide” Princesses” that will work on the slides, such as Belle and Mrs. Potts or Ariel and Flounder. In addition, you can purchase additional “Flip and Switch Castles” (such as this Frozen castle with Elsa) that will attach together and make one big kingdom.

So you could say that this is a great toy because you add on and continue to expand it, OR you could say that it’s a lousy toy because it will make your child want you to buy more parts and end up costing you a fortune.

This set doesn’t require any tools or screw for assembly, and it doesn’t need batteries, which is always a plus.

I know my two girls would have loved this when they were younger. Heck, I would have loved this when I was younger! I’m always partial to toys where kids can “play make believe” and act out stories. With three different floor levels, a bed and vanity, and a table and tea set, and figurines that not only slide but also spin, there’s a lot here to have fun with.

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