Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora Princess Castle Play-Doh Set

This Play-Doh castle set includes figures for three Disney princesses — Belle, Cinderella, and Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty).

It comes with six cans of Play-Doh (one of them is “sparkly”) and three different molds on the different castle doors for creating Princess gowns. Each of the Princes figures has three “stamps” on the bottom — for example, Cinderella has Gus the Mouse and a pumpkin. There’s also a prince mold and half-molds that can be used for creating roses and tiaras. You can even push out Rapunzel’s hair through the top of the castle, which I thought was pretty funny.

A Play-Doh set was my oldest child’s first “real” toy (that wasn’t a baby toy, I mean). The age recommendation is ages 3 and up, but she was playing with Play-Doh before she turned two. I remember setting her up with it at her little play table before I went to go take my morning shower. (However, I, um, recommend that if you do this, you set them up in a room with no carpeting.

One of the great things about Play-Doh is that you can do so much with it. My younger daughter, who always loved dolls, used to make “little girls” with a mold we had, line them all up on a table, and then make little Play-doh blankets for all of them. We used to take the lid of a shaving cream can, cover it with a smooth layer of Play-Doh, and then decorate it in various ways to make a mini “cake.” So there are tons of things you can do with a set like this, even beyond the molds and ideas that they offer.

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