Buzz Lightyear Pizza Planet Playset Gift for Kids Who Love Toy Story

This Toy Story Pizza Planet playset comes with Buzz Lightyear, Zurg, and an alien.

In addition to these three characters, it contains a working claw machine, doors that open when you turn a wheel with Buzz’s feet, and a rocket that shoots projectiles. When the projectiles hit the yellow target, it sends a green boulder running down the chute. There are also soda machines with three alien head levers that you can push down as if you’re pouring a soda.

My nine year old son has always been more into Disney’s Cars than he was into Toy Story, but he just walked up a few minutes ago when I had the screen open and was totally drawn in by the look of this toy. He carefully zoomed in on some of the different photos and said he thought it was cool that the rocket actually shot stuff out. I think this toy is mostly designed for preschool/kindergarten age, but I certainly could picture a child a few years older than that enjoying this toy, especially if they’re playing with a younger sibling.

Toy Story — The Claw

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