Mickey Mouse Black Decorative Shower Rug Gift for People Who Love Disney

This black decorative Mickey Mouse shower rug has a definite Disney theme, but because it’s a solid color and not overly cutesy, it’s very versatile.

Because it has space between the ears, it fits perfectly right in front of the toilet if you prefer to use it there. I could also picture people being creative with this and, instead of putting it in the bathroom, using it as a bedroom rug or even a wall hanging in a school classroom.

Disney fans like me and my family spend most of our time when we’re not at Disney either planning our next Disney trip or wishing that they were at Disney. This is a fun way to kinda sorta pretend that your live in a Disney resort.

Of course, it would help complete the image if you also had this Mickey Mouse soap dish:

Black Mickey Mouse bathroom soap dish

Mickey Mouse bathroom soap dish


Or this Mickey toothbrush holder:

Mickey Mouse toothbrush holder Disney bathroom accessory

Mickey Mouse toothbrush holder

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