Baking Toy with Pretend Knife and Cookie Sheet Gift for Kids who Love Disney

Kids can pretend they’re baking cookies with this make-believe kitchen toy featuring their favorite Disney characters.

It comes with a tube of “cookie dough,” which are six round wooden pieces stuck together lightly with velcro. You slice them with the knife, decorate them with six different toppings of Disney characters, bake them on the tray, and serve them up with the spatula.

The six characters on the toppings are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

his toy immediately reminded me of the Melissa and Doug birthday party cake my kids had when they were little, which also came with velcro toppings. (see photo below)

In fact, that cake is in my attic now. It’s a toy that I liked so much that I’m saving it for my grandchildren. I remember my girls enjoying it for years, having birthday parties for their stuffed animals and enjoying all kinds of pretend play with it. I could easily see kids — especially kids who love Disney — having similar kinds of fun with this cookie set.

happy birthday party cake toy

Happy Birthday Cake — similar concept, but not with Disney characters



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